Wire Sawing for Your Cutting Needs

Wire Sawing for Your Cutting Needs

Find wire sawing services in Mooresville, NC, Charlotte, NC and surrounding areas

The wire sawing services offered by Alrays Concrete Cutting use a diamond wire that is wrapped around the concrete structure to be cut. This continuous loop of wire is used to cut the structure precisely. Wire sawing also utilizes a water system to eliminate dust buildup during the cut, as well as to cool down the wire. This method can be used for underwater applications as well.

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Concrete wire cutting can be used to make both vertical and horizontal cuts, as well as for flush cutting. This is the best solution not only for getting through tougher materials, but also for cutting through structures that are too large to be cut using any other method.

Different grades of wire can be used to cut:

  • Steel
  • Cast Iron
  • Aluminum
  • Copper

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